Mannol 5 Lt. Energy Premium 5W-30



MANNOL Energy Premium 5W-30 API SN/CH-4 Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products: SAE 5W-30 API SN/CH-4 ACEA C3 BMW LL-04 MB 229.51 VW 505.01/505.00/502.00 GM dexos2 Synthetic engine oil that is designed to be used in petrol and diesel engine vehicles, which are equipped with turbochargers or not, equipped with particulate filters or not (DPF, FAP), and that have other exhaust emission cleaning systems. The contemporary additive set ensures maximum protection against wear and the extraordinary cleanliness of the engine separate parts under hard operation conditions. The synthetic basis guarantees an extraordinary stability of all engine oil characteristics, even if the service intervals are increased (up to 40,000 km). May be used in vehicles equipped with liquid gas and natural gas drives (LPG/CNG).

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