Mannol 4 Lt. Automatic Plus Atf Dexron III



MANNOL Dexron III Automatic Plus Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products: GM DEXRON III H/G/F FORD MERCON V FORD M2C138-CJ/M2C166-H ZF TE-ML 09/11/14C MB 236.1 VOITH G.607 ALLISON C4/TES 389 CATERPILLAR TO-2 PSF applications Mannol Dexron III Automatic Plus is an oil with a high viscosity index for automatic transmissions. It can be used in automatic transmissions, torque convertors, power steering and hydraulic circuits, for which the constructors prescribe a product, which meets the General Motors ATF Type Dexron III or Dexron II-E and Ford Mercon requirements.

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